Today is Cute Wife Kid Pic Day :: Throwback Thursday

Deborah in 1970

This is the next installment of Throwback Thursday as coined by my friend over at Vagabondrunn, see Throwback Thursday (5), for his latest update. This image is obviously not me, far to cute for that, but my wife, at age 4. She says she actually remembers getting this photo taken. I don’t doubt it. Funny thing about this photo is I wasn’t born yet. Guess that kind of gives away our ages but oh well. What a cute kid. Be sure to leave a comment with your post so we can take a look. I will try to actually get one of myself up there next week.

2 responses to “Today is Cute Wife Kid Pic Day :: Throwback Thursday”

  1. Okay, enough is enough, and I know Mandy will agree with me. You keep putting up picture at the expense of your wife(which is adoreable), escaping the much warranted and probable laughs by posting yourself as a youngin. It’s okay. We are all funny looking when we’re young, it’s just the product of the era’s we grew up in and the lack of style our parents had in dressing us.


    Kyles last blog post..Creative Chaos (9)


  2. haha that is great!


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