National Polka Festival Saturday Parade 2008

Why does it always seem like there are a thousand things to do when you get back from a trip. I try to minimize this by taking my laptop, phone, work, all that stuff with me whenever we go out of town, and it does reduce the workload when you return, a little. It also keeps you connected to work all the time, but, owning your own business, that is what you tend to do.

What is amazing is that it always seems like when you return, not only do you have the normal things to do that didn’t get done while you were gone, but some how, you now have a brand new list of things that were never on the list to begin with. This comes from being in the car for 25 hours and getting away from the normal routine of things. If makes you think, sometimes it refreshes the mind, sometimes it gives you new ideas. This was a very fun weekend at the Polka Festival (see Busy Memorial Day Weekend Photos) as usual, but I also brought home a new to do list with items that had never before graced the presence of my office. Time to get busy.

I leave you with a photo above from the parade on Saturday. This is my grandson, William, explaining to the fireman that there are plenty more people behind him that want to say hi, to him, and he better be on his way. In all I think I took about 2,000 images over the weekend and about 2 hours of video. It will take a while to get through it all, in the mean time, its back to work.

3 thoughts on “National Polka Festival Saturday Parade 2008

  1. 2,000 photos, wow!

    As far as work,I find that whenever I spend too much time out, my mind drifts back to work, and I think to myself “I need to get back to my work! I am falling behind”


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