Deborah with Some Cute Curls :: Throwback Thursday

This is my weekly post for Throwback Thursday. This is my lovely wife, at age five. I don’t normally have any images of myself since I am usually the one taking the photos, but I am starting to think that was the case back when I was growing up too. I will have to dig around and find some of myself, my wife was a much cuter kid anyway, so I will stick with her for this week. I love the innocent look of this shot, the smile she has here is the same as it is today. If you have posted a throwback Thursday post leave a comment below with the link so we can take a look. To see the previous posts, just click on the link at the top for Throwback Thursday.

Deborah at age Five

4 responses to “Deborah with Some Cute Curls :: Throwback Thursday”

  1. So cute. Your wife is just getting all sorts of internet love isn’t she?

    Hope you’re having a great time!

    Mandys last blog post..Throwback Thursday


  2. You’re right, she’s going to hate you. Not because it’s a bad photo, but because women are strange people.

    Nothing against you of course Mandy.


  3. Yep, same smile. Great picture


  4. @b/ Deborah just said you are her favorite person today


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