Words of the Wise, The 24 Hour Challenge A Day Later

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Here we are another 24 hours has gone by and the 24 Hours of Wise Words, Rusty’s Challenge from Rusty is over for the sake of this blog post. As far as the meaning in our lives and how we treat others, this should continue and be a part of our persona as we grow in our Christian walk.

A Reflection on How I (We) Did

I will have to say if you didn’t participate or haven’t tried doing this yet (using wise and kind words all day), it is far harder than you might think. I can’t say that I went the entire 24 hours without an unkind or unwise word, but, I can say it made me much more cognizant of what words I do use.

Doing this little exercise did make me examine the words I use, or was going to use, and how they might effect those I was speaking to or about. It showed me where I was building others up, and in the process of tearing them down. There were several others (@hspur, @mandycon, and @bslash) who followed Rusty’s suggestion and if you followed us on Twitter you could see the progress we made and didn’t make in real time. If you didn’t, I think the others would tell you it was a good 24 hours of self examination of words and heart.

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  1. Mandy Avatar

    I think I’ll do it again. See if it gets easier. I normally don’t sleep for 9.5 hours in a night, so it wasn’t an average day for me. Ready, set, go.

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