Colorado Columbine Flower in Bloom, Always Beautiful

The Colorado Columbine in Bloom

There are a few wildflowers that really capture a state, and the top two that come to mind are the Texas Bluebonnets and the Colorado Columbine. The Colorado Columbine is actually native to Canada but has really become a symbol of Colorado since it was adopted as the official state flower on April 4, 1899 by an act of the General Assembly.

The Colorado Columbine Flower in Bloom

This flower has so many different faces and can be photographed in so many different poses that one shot does not do this flower justice. Below is the classic head on shot as I like to call it. When trying to shoot closeup images of flowers it is great if you can get the green leaves in the background as this will make the flower pop off the page. I managed to get a little green in the bottom right corner but would have loved that all the way around the image.

What are your favorite wildflowers of the Spring and Summer months?

2 responses to “Colorado Columbine Flower in Bloom, Always Beautiful”

  1. When I look at images like this, flowers like this, just the amazing wonders of creation I have to say, “God made that so I would look up and say, God you are amazing and beautiful and I thank You for constantly demonstrating Your presence and Your love.”

    On a side note, I think He created places like West Texas and Kansas just so that when we got to Colorado or the Grand Canyon we’d think about Him even more, because sometimes I wonder if He thinks those places.


  2. How many shots did it take to get a picture like that? That is an amazing shot.

    Heaths last blog post..Default Mode?


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