Capturing the Sunrise Over a Beautiful Minnesota Lake

Well, who would have thought, the sun actually does rise as well as set. For those who know me, taking a sunrise photo is a rare thing for me, but in this case I am glad I got up before the sun. This is a lake up around Minnesota, sorry didn’t record the exact location this time.  I was traveling to Minneapolis St Paul on business and, at this time, I always brought my camera equipment with me.  Years and years later, I no longer work for that company, but I am left with the images I took along the way.

This morning I was trying to catch a flight home but it didn’t leave until mid-day, so I thought I would try my hand at capturing the sunrise over this lake.  This was one of my first visits to Minnesota (outside of the twin cities) and there are some really beautiful places just a short drive out of the main stream of city life.  I just wish I had written down where this lake was so now when I look back I could be more specific as to the location of the image.

Sunrise Over a Minnesota Lake

One thing about taking sunrise / sunset photos is that you never know when you are going to get the perfect light reflecting off the clouds. So, the best way to get a good sunrise or sunset photo is the very basic beginner rules of photography. Show up.

I came across this lake the night before and had decided I was going to get up and be there. I took many different orientations and positions, but I like this one with the diagonals running through the image.  The person was intended to be in the shot here, but a few told me they didn’t even notice the person was standing there in the first place.  A peaceful morning to watch the sunrise.

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