Cardiovascular Walking Continues and a New Theme

Today was one of those days where you get a lot done, but not necessarily in the places you intended when you got up. I started off as I normally do checking my email and rss reader and came across an email that I meant to look at regarding a new theme.

Of course, it was something I had been looking for, for a while now. Something that could showcase a few photographs and a little more graphic based than the other one. So, I stared coding the customizations to the new theme and once you get into the code, then you see how long it will take. This one was not the easiest code to customize, but it works for now. So, I hope you like the new theme across all my blogs. Comments are welcome.

I did manage to get in a little guitar practice and some walking. Not my full 4 miles, but I did get some walking in today. Deborah received her Birthday present from my mom today, a beautiful new double budding rose (red) and some planting dirt. Her birthday is Wednesday but it needed sunlight.  Last on the list today is to watch Dancing With the Stars tonight. If you don’t watch this particular show, it is one of the only shows we actually watch on national TV, but Deborah is quite the dancer and we do enjoy watching the competition.

Theme Change

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