Planting Red Crape Myrtles and a Weeping Willow

Wow, what a busy weekend (including Friday here). We stared off the weekend Friday night with the most wonderful thunderstorm. Since we hadn’t seen any rain here in what feels likes years it was a pleasant site. I took several photos of the lightning, one is in my post, Lightening in the Sky Tonight, and another is just above here. What a great site for an area of the country that hasn’t seen a lot of rain lately.

One of my favorite types of photography, just not one that you can go outside and say, ok, today I am shooting lightning shots. To see the larger version just click on the image above. The bolt actually started out of the top of the clouds in the upper left corner and winded its way to the ground.

Saturday – Trees, Trees, and Trees

Saturday was a pre-Mother’s Day tree planting day. Deborah and I had planned to pick out several Crape Myrtles trees to plant along the driveway (which is about a 1/4 mile long), and a Weeping Willow tree at the end where the driveway turns up to the house.

We went to our local Plant World which usually has a huge selection. They didn’t. There was a great Weeping Willow we would come back to get, but it was off to Lowes (in the rain) to check on the other possibilities. We found 8 red Crape Myrtles that were going to look just great planted on the driveway.

After discovering how hard it was to plant trees in rock hard dry ground we were looking forward to something a little easier. So, off to plant the Azaleas we got on Friday for the walkway. It was a long and exhausting day, but in a few years the driveway should be very pretty. In total, we planted 8 Crape Myrtles, 6 Azaleas, 1 Weeping Willow, and left of bunch for the next day.

Sunday – Choosing our Words and Some Veggies

Sunday started off about 3am with a wild bit of lightening and then the power went off. Don’t mind right now, but come summer that will be a hot hot night. It was off for about 2 hours, finally came back on right before we got up. Good thing, we are on a well system, so without power, we have no water. We had a wonderful service on Sunday, see Acceptable Words in Your Sight, and tried to spend the day relaxing. What was left the Saturday was to get the Sweet Potatoes in the ground. We picked up about 16 plants on Saturday and had to get them in the ground.

Everything Else

I did receive a bit of new music on Friday. Sort of a strange mix today, but on the list for this batch was:

  • Sting – The Soul Cages
  • Green Day – American Idiot
  • Nickelback – The Long Road

These all came from my music trading pals over at lala. A bit of an administrative note for this blog. I have decided to post a daily digest of my Twitter conversations here on this blog. Simply for me to see what transpired throughout the day. This information will not be posted on any of my other blogs. This week promises to be a busy one with work and a few other things going on in the middle of the week.

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