A Sharp Shinned Hawk Snatched a Bird From our Feeder

Well, I was so busy yesterday I didn’t actually get to do my normal daily post, so this is a Tuesday/Wednesday version. We spent most of Tuesday in town doing all the various chores we normally do when we take our orders into USPS.

Tuesday is also the day I continue with my guitar lessons, so that was a quick 30 minutes and then on to the post office and everything else. Today, Wednesday was a calmer day of work from the home office, and I did get a good bit of work done today. It is always nice when you don’t have to drive into town at all. Deborah did spend most of the day in town today, getting her hair done for the upcoming 2008 National Polka Festival. We will be heading out to Dallas for a nice visit with family and polkas.

New Music Arrivals

Received several new albums from my friends over at lala, thanks for the new tunes guys. On the list for today was:

  • Stevie Ray Vaughan – In Step (great album, wow)
  • Incubus – Make Yourself
  • Men at Work – Business As Usual (not tops on my list but makes for a rounded collection, I think)
  • Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band – Greatest Hits (replacement for one damaged in shipment)
  • Robbie Williams – The Ego Has Landed (replacement from one damaged in shipment)
  • Alan Parsons – Try Anything Once

Nature in View

Well, today we had a new visitor. We had a Sharp-Shinned Hawk. Had never seen one before today, but he managed to snatch a finch right out of one of our feeders and proceed to have a feast right there in the yard. It wasn’t the first time a hawk has presented himself for a meal, but this Sharp Shinned Hawk was really something to see (I did not take the image below, just didn’t have a chance to get my camera out as fast as he moved).


All gray up top, rustic red color underneath, and apparently, quite hungry. A real treat to see (although probably not for the finch). I ended the night with a wonderful service, called the VIP service and for more on that you can read the current posts from http://d.amasc.us

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