The Complaining Christian Can Leave, Please

I really don’t like to do any sort of “non-positive” post, but sometimes it is just to much. I would love to have someone chime in below and hear their opinion after you read my rant, BUT, if you do not want to read a critical article on our faith, just skip this one and check out Blogger Small Group, James 2, for a less irritating post. My wife and I have been earning a living on the Internet for the last 15 years (current Amazon, see our Amazon store here, and our Amazon feedback here), so I can say with some confidence that we have had many thousands and thousands of customers over the years, and one group always seems to stand out to me. The Complaining Christian.

The Lost are Easier to Deal With, Really

I am not talking about some garage sale, few customers a week thing. We had over 10,000 individual feedbacks on eBay (meaning we shipped over 100,000 orders), and we currently work with about 100-200 new customers a week on Amazon. With this said, the most difficult customers, most complaining, disgruntled, and overall unhappy people turn out in the end to be Christians. WHY? I don’t get it, but I can tell you, I don’t want your business.

Inevitably after dealing with an unhappy customer I find out they are fellow Brothers or Sisters, and it is always over something really petty. And I am sorry to say, you homeschool moms buying A Beka books on Amazon, you top the list. (I have my own theory on the homeschool book issue but can’t get into that now.)

One Recent Classic eBay Example

The most recent was an eBay customer that was not happy with the selection of VHS tapes we shipped to her. I am not going to try the case here, but we always try to list as accurate a description as possible, and she received exactly what we said, then filed a credit card claim against us for shipping something “materially different”.

Usually this happens when someone doesn’t take the time to actually READ what they are bidding on, but the bidder will never admit to this no matter what, and then the ensuing emails begin.

After emails back and forth, with her accusing us of running an eBay fraud scam, purposely misleading bidders, and misrepresentation of everything, this was her final email to me, and the one that finally told me what I expected all along, she was a Christian (the CAPS are hers, not mine).


Nice. I hope God is watching me actually, thanks. Did I mention this was over a final bid of $10.51. This is a typical response I get from a fellow Believer when they don’t like the outcome. Yet, some of the nicest and easiest people to deal with are the lost. When this conversation first started, from the very first email, I told my wife, yep, here is a fellow Believer, guarantee it, you watch.

We are NOT in Business to Rip You Off

If you think I am ranting about some isolated incident, think again. Overall, our customers are happy. We kept a 100% positive feedback rating on eBay, and Amazon goes around 99%-97% (different system), so overall, our customers are generally pleased with the transactions.

But, there are always unhappy customers in business, no matter what you do. I have many that stand out in my mind over the last 15 years, and for one reason or another, what was most irritating about it is they were Christians. Over the years (keep in mind our products are generally under about $10/order), the complaining Christian has threaten to sue me, file fraud charges, contact the police, and overall rant about how we are just in business to “rip people off”.

I am going to write a piece in my business blog about the “rip people off” syndrome, but I had to personally address the Christian aspect of the topic, simply because it shouldn’t be this way.

We Should Not Be So Quick To Judge or Condemn

I say this for myself, not just the Complaining Christian. Should we not try to follow the example given out in Mathew 7:1-3. In business, I try to deal with people exactly how I expect to be dealt with, in a fair manner, with some expectation of intelligence on the part of the buyer (it’s assumed on the sellers part, to me).

I same “some”, meaning a basic level of understand of what you are doing at its most basic level when buying something on the Internet, like how to read and how the post office ships (i.e., we are not the post office).

1“Do not judge, or you too will be judged. 2For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. 3“Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?

We have not operated a business for more than 15 years just so we can steal from people. What this lady from today doesn’t realize is that most of what we sell on eBay right now goes to benefit a local missions store in town. But I shouldn’t have to explain this to her either, it shouldn’t matter, she should have the same response either way.

You Don’t Represent Me or My Faith

What I hate about the Complaining Christian is that they are examples of my faith as a whole body of Believers. We should be the happy-go-lucky people. We have the knowledge of the Truth. We should remember we are representing our faith to all those who see, and we don’t always know who those people will be. For the last 15 years this is something I have not figured out in business on the Internet. Why the Complaining Christian exists in the first place. Please, lets not be the Complaining Christian (TCC, I am going to deam it as). There are better ways to spend our days, our time, our money, our mental capacity.

There are certainly better ways for us as Believers to be effective witnesses?

PLEASE, chime in below and let me hear your comments on the subject.

10 responses to “The Complaining Christian Can Leave, Please”

  1. Don’t you find that it’s mostly “mature” Christians who are like that. Now don’t get all nasty w/ me and start sending hate mail. I mean folks who have been in the church for a long time, like when dinosaurs roamed long. Some feel they have it all figured out and you owe them some sort of respect before they’ve earned it. Or worse, after they’ve lost it.

    Ebay is a hard place sometimes. To a buyer at the other end of the keyboard, a seller looks like a big box $ maker, not the guy next door. Which doesn’t mean they have the right to be so disrespectful, but I think they feel like they’re “stinkin’ it to the man”.

    Mandys last blog post..John McCain


  2. @mandy, I think there is a little of that old school involved, yes. I also think it is a pre-disposed attitude that someone is going to “rip me off”.

    I think as Believers, we should have an attitude of trust and belief that most are honest and communication… works. This can come back and bite us in the royal back side, and has me, but live and learn I guess.


  3. I’m going to respond to at least three different blogs a day as a general rule from now on, and I’m going to try and make them different blogs.

    I don’t enjoy the attitude that you discuss either. I did some wrk for a lady one time and she said that she didn’t generally use Christian companies because they usually rip you off, not finish the work, do a poor job and don’t come back if they need to. We were a Christian company. The irony of it all, she was married to a pastor.

    It frustrates me that we are not the most happy and loving people as well. I think much of it comes from three things: not understanding our true relationship with Christ, not truly understanding who He was and what He meant by loving people, and that many people who say they are Believers, may just not be Believers. Head knowledge, not heart knowledge.

    How do I know if you have responded to this or not. Do I have to come back here and check?

    b/s last blog post..speaking


  4. Hey, how do I enable that “last post” thing for other bloggers. That’s awesome.

    My problem with responding is that I think too long and end up taking half an hour to write two paragraphs. So I don’t do it because it takes up so much of my day. I almost sent this one three times and kept coming back to add more like these last two sentences. Comedic

    b/s last blog post..speaking


  5. @b/ yes, leaving comments, if genuinely interested, does take a little time, as do most things worth doing 🙂

    Normally, to see replies, you would come back to the said post you were looking at, like right here. You can also RSS on the comments and that works too.

    The CommentLuv is a plugin to pull the last blog post, I love it. Just click on the link at the bottom, not sure if they have a typad plugin or not.


  6. I once clicked the button “email me all replies” on one of Ragamuffin’s posts. It was horrible & awesome at the same time. I felt like a blogstar. My inbox was full all day, but then I had to spend so much time deleting them all. Of course, I had to read a few too.


  7. @mandy, OH GOOD GRIEF… that would be bad. Yeah, I rss’d on a few once, but only when I specifically wanted to see a certain response. Ragamuffin, he gets 100’s of comments per post (for good reason).


  8. Scott, just as you are in your business, I’m challenged in mine the same way. We seem to live in day of disrespect for others. Years ago we would never think about talking to people the way we see today. It’s as if, we have license to behave badly when we feel we’re wronged in some way.

    As Christians we should be the one’s that forgive, that seek to understand what happened rather than assume the worst of others. I’m also amazed at how mean and hateful those that are Christians can be. It’s like you want to say… “Hey, I’m a Christian too.” Let’s see if we can’t work this out.

    I guess what helps me is what Jesus said while being crucified on the Cross… “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.” If I can pray this prayer to myself for those that are so ill towards me, it does help me.

    All I can say is, I feel your pain man. The goal for us is to stay the course, and behave as we know Christ would, even when spit upon. That’s when our faith is tested. Like you however, I ask the same question… Why are we tested by people that already have the love of Christ in them? It should’nt be that way. The problem I think is that we belong to Christ but we really don’t allow him to guide us and lead us in certain situations. Our old nature kicks in and we run the show… That’s when we get egg on our face and run the risk of missing a perfect opportunity to witness in our faith.


  9. […] standard customer seems to be related to one of my previous rants, called The Complaining Christian Can Leave where we tend to get nickel and dimed to death over petty issues. Not this […]


  10. […] but not like this. My standard customer seems to be related to one of my previous rants, called The Complaining Christian Can Leave where we tend to get nickel and dimed to death over petty issues. Not this […]


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