Top 10 Stars of the Week, May 5

This is my normal weekend link love list from my starred items in my rss feed reader. There were way to many to list this week but a few stood out and I have them listed below. Thanks for a good week of reading to those below.

There were to many to dial it down to 10, so here are the top 15 for you.

Top 10 15 Stars of the Week, April 29 – May 5

via Vandelay Website Design by Vandelay Design on 4/28/08 This post was written by Jacob Gube of Six Revisions. Flash is unparalleled when it comes to providing users a highly rich,

via SEO – by Aaron Wall on 4/29/08 Welcome to GoogleNet! Hitwise recently mentioned that Google controls over 1/3 of UK web traffic.

via Daily Blog Tips by Daniel Scocco on 4/29/08 Bloggers and webmasters know that every single visitor helps to build up traffic, right? If that is the case, you should make sure that Google

via Google Operating System by Ionut Alex Chitu on 4/29/08

via Online Marketing Blog by Lee Odden on 4/29/08 Online Marketing Blog manages a list of over 500 search marketing blogs called the BIGLIST, but it’s not ordered other than

via Blogging Experiment by Max Davis on 4/29/08 Ah, how great it must be to be a make money “guru”, right?

via Chad Jarnagin by chad on 4/29/08

via Elance Blog by Guest_Blogger on 4/29/08 No doubt you’ve heard a lot about Facebook, and you might have even read Anita Campbell’s most recent blog post about why you

via ProBlogger Blog Tips by Darren Rowse on 4/30/08 Today I was scanning through some emails from readers and it struck me that so many of those that I hear from are suffering from a

via SEO – by Aaron Wall on 4/30/08 Summize is a conversational search engine which allows you to search Twitter in realtime. Useful for finding customer feedback even

via ProBlogger Blog Tips by Darren Rowse on 5/1/08 Yesterday I wrote about the problem of blogger inferiority complex and how often as bloggers we can limit our potential by defining ourselves negatively.

via techipedia | tamar weinberg by Tamar Weinberg on 5/1/08 Last month, I wrote about the ease of FriendFeed to spy on your friends. In other words, I can check someone’s Friendfeed page and

via Network Blogging Tips by Jennifer on 5/2/08 Sometimes the plain old blog post, seems well, plain and old. Spice up your blog with a variety of posts.

via Xefer on 5/1/08 Below is a segment from a scatter plot generated using a specific Twitter user’s “tweet” data, gathered via Yahoo Pipes and rendered

via openswitch by Ben Gray on 5/4/08 I’m addicted to Twitter. And ever since Adobe released the alpha version of AIR for Linux I’ve been eager to try some of the Twitter

One response to “Top 10 Stars of the Week, May 5”

  1. In the online class I’m taking here’s a cool link. I don’t normally like RAP, but this one is kinda cool.


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