Auburn Raptor Center with the Golden Eagle

The image of the day is an image that is pretty much a symbol of lower Alabama area, the Golden Eagle. More than a mascot, this is a magnificent bird to see in flight. This is another photo that was taken at the Auburn University Raptor Center during a photography shoot.  There were so many magnificent birds at the raptor center like a Bald Eagle, Golden Eagle, Falcons of all kinds and so much more, like this Great Horned Owl I photographed below.

Photographing wildlife, in the wild is very challenging and can require some expensive equipment to really get the shots you are looking for. A good way to get your feet wet in the wildlife area is to photograph in a controlled setting, like a zoo or wildlife sanctuary.  These large raptor birds are so beautiful and seeing them up close is really something.  If you have a chance, go down to the Auburn Raptor Center and see all the birds they have.

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