What is a Patio Without a Fire Pit, Not Much To Us

This weekend was busy but relaxing. Saturday was supposed to be a day for outside tractor work and various yard things we all seem to have to do on the weekend, but, it RAINED. Who’da thunk. We haven’t had rain in the southeast in what seems like years after last summer’s drought (in fact I think it has been a year). It was a nice rain shower and didn’t last long enough to rain out the entire grass cutting day.

The rain did let up enough for us a have a nice fire in our fire pit on the patio. We had this built into the patio when we moved in and we use it all the time. There is something about being able to sit outside around a “camp fire” that makes for a great and relaxing time. We sit around the fire pit on our patio all year round and enjoy it very much. If you don’t have one built into the concrete then you can do what we did before we moved in.

Get an old washing machine tub from a junk dealer (they will gladly give them away) or just dig you a nice whole in the ground and surround it with bricks.  When we were building this house, the fire pit in the patio was one of the must have’s of the house, but really it is just a circle in the concrete.  You would think such a thing would be an easy thing for a builder to get his hands around but nothing seemed to go that way with this house (see the category for house if you are interested).

The photo to the left here is actually a self portrait.  Something I don’t do all that often but I had the camera flat on the ground and used the timer to trigger the shutter.  The photo below is one I took of Deborah later on Saturday night. It is completely dark except for the fire in the fire pit. The image doesn’t show the fire because it would be to bright for the exposure, but you can see the spark trails of the fire just to the right side of her face. I did have her sit a little closer to the fire than she normally would so she was ready to move since her knees were a little warm.

Scott Looking at the Patio Fire Pit

She did real well to sit there through a 15 second exposure without moving. Thanks hun.  It is a little spooky (not Deb of course) with the fire glow as the only light source but I love how it turned out.  If you haven’t tried sitting absolutely still for 15-20 seconds at a time shot after shot after shot, you should try it some time.  Deb did great as a subject with fire on her legs.

Cold Night by the Fire

Sunday, May 4, 2008

We had a very nice service that completed the current series on missions. The rest of our Sunday was spent enjoy one of the most beautiful Spring days here in the lower south. We can now finally eat out on the patio without freezing to death. There is a new moon tonight, and I will try to take a few star trail images and see how they turn out for tomorrow’s post.

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