Macro Photography of a Spider Web in Morning Dew

Spider Web in Morning Dew Macro
Spider Web in Morning Dew Macro

Something about spiders and spider webs makes for some neat subjects. Add a little morning mist or dew and they really light up.  Macro photography is something I really like as well, and the combination of dew on the web and its size made for a great macro photography opportunity. This image of the day wasn’t one that I had to travel real far to take, just went to the back yard. Not to say it didn’t take a little setup, but it was nice to be able to take a shot like this so close to the house.

I took several different versions of this image, this one is one of my more favorite, using a flash. A flash on a subject like this is what makes the background black. Without the flash, you end up with some color in the background, in this case, it was green from the trees, but I like the way the black isolates the subject.

Taking a photograph of a spider web can be lots of fun when you see the results, but shoot many different angles and options, they are not as easy to see on film as one might think. Another good way to photograph spiders or spider webs is using the sun’s angle at first light or last light when you can get some nice color reflecting on the web. Click here If you would like to see more Macro Photography across all photography subjects or Photographing Spiderwebs in the Rain.

Image Specifics

  • Body – Nikon n90s
  • Lens – Nikon 105mm Macro
  • Film – Kodak E-100S

2 responses to “Macro Photography of a Spider Web in Morning Dew”

  1. The following website uses the above pictures, without making any references to your site.


    1. thanks, that spiderweb pic of mine has been scrapped to sites all over the place, which is ok in one respect, I just wish they would at LEAST give me a link back to this post (thanks to those who do)


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