Busy Streets of Downtown Birmingham at Night

Downtown Birmingham Streets at Night

I wanted to throw something a little different in there today for the image of the day, like an image of the night instead. One of my favorite times to shoot anything, photography related of course, is first light, last light, and at night. At night you can get some really unique perspectives you can’t get at high noon during the day.

This is a shot of a Birmingham Alabama downtown street at night. The exposure was around 10 seconds if I can remember correctly, but depending on the speed film you can take images with totally different results, in the same place, just by changing the speed film (or now the ISO rating on your digital camera).

This shot was of course taken before digital cameras where film became very grainy above ISO-100 and you had to use a tripod to take anything at night.  The difference between what is possible with today’s digital cameras and what was taken below is incredible, but in the time frame this image was taken, I really like the shot and I can remember going through all the setup to snap one or two images of the street life.

Image Specifics

What images have you been able to capture at night, how did they turn out?

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