Delicate Arch in Arches National Park Utah is a Must See

This is the famous Delicate Arch from Arches National Park. We visited there around 1998 and again in 2002 when I was able to take some of these images. The park is an incredible place. It is hard to even get a perspective of the park from an image like this. The arch here is so high, standing underneath it, you look like an ant.

We hiked out here at sunset, and although it looks like we are all by ourselves out here there was a fairly large crowd just on the other side of my camera, all taking the famed image you see above. And today, it is the image of the day.  It you are anywhere near the park in Utah, take the time to stop by and hike out to the arch.  The hike is a little long but is not hard at all, even in weather not quite as good as it looks in the photo here.  Be prepared to spend your sunset evening with many new friends who also had the same idea and go early so you can just sit and relax and watch the incredible beauty of this rugged land.

Image Specifics

Body – Nikon n90s
Lens – Nikon 24-120mm @ 24mm
Film – Fuji Velvia 50

Other Blog Reading on Arches NP

I found some very good blog posts written about their experience in the park. Each is unique and interesting. Some that caught my eye were:

There are many others of course but these just jumped out at me. Great job above.

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  1. Very nice blog here Scott with some very cool images. LA being one o my favorite US cities your blog in quite interesting to read.

    Spools last blog post..Dunsborough Trip


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