Using the Beauty of Simplicity in Photography

Sometimes I really like abstracts for their simplicity. This image was taken in Gainesville, GA (not the “other” one in Florida), on a mountain pond. I almost didn’t stop to take the shot but I am glad I did.  This particular shot was one of the first sets of images I did on film back in 1997. Some of the most powerful images come from isolating the background and use only one or two colors.  This particular shot with basically two colors and a cool smooth background make for a more stunning image than if there were other elements in the background.

Any time you are trying to make a clean quality photograph, one of the first things you want to look at is the background of your image.  Move to a spot where the background is either blurred out or is one smooth tone, this will simplify the image immediately.  If your subject has to compete with your background the viewer might now know where the important elements of the photograph are supposed to be in, and any image that has to be explained wasn’t composed very well.

I love the lines in this photo. It gives the image architecture, grace, and elegance. Sometimes it is hard to reproduce an image, this is one I have tried for some 10 years to find again without any luck.  Another example of this type of image is this grasshopper.

Image Specifics

Lens – Nikon 105mm Macro
Film – Fuji Velvia 50
Tripod – Bogen

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