How Are You Encountering God's People, Are You Fluid?

Scott Being FluidIt is almost mid-week, have you picked up or thought about your fluid card yet? Brian’s Worship Journey blog this morning, a loss for words reminded me that this is not something we should do, check off the list, job well done, and move on.

This is something we need to keep with us in our hearts each day as we encounter God’s people. So, I posted my mug to remind myself to get on the ball and be a person of action. These do sound like simple things on Sunday morning but we all get busy and have a million things going on all throughout the week, hopefully I can remember to take time out as the opportunity arises.

A Fluid Experience

This is the current series our church is doing on the importance of being mission people. After the service on Sunday, they had tables to pick up various types of cards as examples of how we can be people of action. These are simple things. Baking cookies for the firehouse, providing food for people in need and so on. The cards we picked up was our way of saying, we will commit to being a person of action this week.

Those over at THE FLUID EXPERIENCE are waiting to hear your stories from this week, I am looking forward to them as well. We took our card with us today into town and I can’t wait for it to be put into use.

4 thoughts on “How Are You Encountering God's People, Are You Fluid?

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  2. thanks…can’t wait to hear God’s story through you.
    thanks for reading, and commenting. You have a ton of good stuff. Definitely want to say “ditto”


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