Preach the Gospel and If You Must, Use Words

Phil Keaggy 220A friend over at worship journey recently introduced me to a music artists I was not to familiar with, Phil Keaggy, and I have to say, he is one unbelievable guitarist, but I guess when Jimi Hendrix says he is one of the worlds greatest guitarists, he probably knows a little about a guitar as well.

I been an avid music collector for about 20 years now, and it always amazes me that I can discover an artist that has been around so long, yet still unknown to me. Not saying I know all the music there is to know, far from it, but two recent discoveries come to mind, Keaggy and Diana Krall. Both of which I had not really listened to much before this year, and both are great. I just recently purchased Phil Keaggy’s album 220 (an instrumental album), and on the inside of the cover art is this saying by St. Francis of Assisi

Go out today and preach the Gospel
and if you must, use words.

For a music lover, probably one of the greatest quotes I have read in a long time. To be able to preach the Gospel and worship, without having to use words is an incredible gift. Our world is crammed full of words, books, of course blogs, and all forms of writings that allow us to be able to effectively preach the Gospel, but it reminds me that it is not the only way. Some of my favorite scriptures are of David in worship to the Lord through singing and clapping of symbols. Some of the times I feel the closest to the Lord is when I am listening to music. Thanks for the reminder, Phil.

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