Adding a Little More Journal to my Blog by Example

Flowers outside Baylor Hospital

This is the first post in a daily journal I hope to update each day, even if just a little blurb, about the days happenings. This type of posting, more closely resembles a journal, was inspired by the memory of my mother in-law, Georgia Christal. I am creating a blog with the journals she created long before blogs ever existed, I hope I can keep up with her.  During a span of 3 years when she lived over seas in Europe, she wrote daily about what happened each day, and looking at it almost 10 years later, I can see what an amazing piece of work this turned out to be. I will make an attempt to write a daily post in this particular blog (I have several others), of just the normal routine of things.

Some days it may be a sentence, some paragraphs, but my goal is to write something in the blog each day. I have been a photographer for more than 10 years now, and one of the hardest things to do in photography is to actually get off your butt and go shoot something. I think it is the same with blogs or journals, you just have to get off your butt and do it.

When I look back at the images I was able to create because I took the time to go out and shoot, I am amazed, and glad I did make the effort.

Is a Blog a Blog or is it a Journal

All you bloggers out there, do you keep a daily journal, or is that really what you consider your blog to be?  This blog has been active and alive in various forms for years now, and when I look back at the various entries, I see a journal of what was important enough, at the time, to actually put down in a post.  My blog has been many things to me, a scrapbook, a blog, a journal, a business tool, soapbox, but that is just it, it can be whatever you want it to be. Today as I start writing daily entries of what went on in my day I will use it as a journal or diary of sorts, but I am sure down the road, it will grow into something more.  What about your blog?  What is the prime use or purpose you have for even having a blog… do you know or have you even thought about it yet?

In Dallas For No Good Reason

So what is going on right now.  Well the photo below was taken yesterday of my mother-in-law’s memorial service, so we happen to be in Dallas for her service.  One of the hardest weeks Deborah and I have gone through in a while but we are now on our way back home, finally.  I took many photos (on my iphone) that few days while we were in the hospital, mainly because all you have to do is sit and wait.  In the future I think I will do a much longer post about this week, but for now, here are a few images from those few days.

Scott at the hospital, self portrait

Georgia's Memorial Service

The photo in the middle is the most telling to me.  I had nothing in the way of a camera to use for about the week we were in and out of the hospital other than my iphone, and I think it did an incredible job.  In total I probably took a few hundred photos with my phone, many of which tell the days and week better than these, but for a first journal entry, this is what we did yesterday and the few days before.  The idea of a “journal” actually came to me from Georgia.  She kept two journals while they lived in France and Germany which I am chronicling in My Life in Europe.  There will be better entries than this, I promise.

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