First Bald Eagle Sighting at Our Place in Auburn Alabama

I had the first Bald Eagle sighting over our property today. A drought stricken pond gave up one of its last remaining fish for this Eagle, a magnificent sighting for here.  I had been looking for raptors on the property since we moved in but the most common one is the Red Tail Hawks (and a variety of other hawks) that seem to like to hang around our bird feeders and pick off the ones that hit the window or some other problem.  Not the Bald Eagle.  He only wanted the fish and quickly flew off.

I took this photo here of a Bald Eagle at an Auburn football game.  This is Spirit, one of Auburn’s Bald Eagles, but he looked just like this out here at our little pond.  I am working on a list of wildlife seen on our property. So far, a home for several families of Fox Squirrels, a Fox, Coyote, Armadillo, deer, Re-tail Hawk, Coopers Hawk, Kestrel Hawk, Bald Eagle, and a large number of species of feeder birds.

What does this have to do with faith… well… God made all the creatures of the Earth, right.

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