Channel Management Module Issue Being Addressed


When you logged on to ChannelAdvisor this morning you might have been greeted by a special notice about an inventory bug that was causing the quantities of SKU’s in the inventory management module to be inflated. ChannelAdvisor says they are working on reverting the inventories back to what they were on Sunday October 14th before the problem was found. I am not sure what all that means just yet but those with a ChannelAdvisor store should keep up with this issue, it could effect the accuracy of your inventory.

The exact post from ChannelAdvisor is listed below, but the most current information being posted right now is on their forum site. It looks like it was only an issue with inventory items that were using multiple attributes with their products, so it might not effect as many people as the release of the issue stated. Still, Matt with ChannelAdvisor customer service is stating:

I would recommend that you do double check inventory counts at your convenience to make sure there are not any lingering issues going into the next few weeks/months.

As Howard noted below, this bug actually has been around for a while, however it was so uncommon it wasn’t known to be an actual issue at the time. With the release on Saturday, some back-end database maintenance caused this to become widespread very quickly.

I think stores with very large quantities of inventory would have a very hard time even addressing this since doing a quick count of 20,000 sku items is just about impossible. Hopefully it not make a big impact on the inventory counts and on hand inventories will match as closely as they can. ChannelAdvisor seems to be interacting on the forum frequently to answer any questions shop owners might have about the inventory module and the best alternative right now would probably to make a spot check of a few items to double check your on hand quantities of inventory with what your ChannelAdvisor store inventory shows.

The Original Message is below as there is no permalink associated with the message (as far as I can tell right now):

Early this afternoon our engineering team uncovered an issue that has caused the quantity of several SKUs to become inflated within the Channel Management module of Merchant.

We are currently working to revert these inventory quantities back to what they should have been after the incident took place on Sunday, 10/14. Any SKUs that you have manually fixed will not be changed by our updates.

We have made a post on the SSC Forums and will be updating that thread with further information.

Rick Watson
Director of Product Management

I will post an update to this issue if it seems to become a large problem or other important information comes up.

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