Catalina 22 Restoration Project Moves To New Owner

Selling a Catalina 22

Our work on the clean-up of the Catalina 22 is finished. We worked hard to get her clean and fixed up enough to sell and now she has gone to a new home in Georgia. She is going to have her renovation completed there by her new owner. Hopefully we will get pictures of her when she is fully completed. There she goes.

This was one of the first sailboats we actually purchased with the idea of cleaning up the boat and selling it to a new owner.  It looked in pretty bad shape when we first purchased the boat (see How Do You De-Mast a Catalina 22) but we knew it was a good sailboat under all the grime.  We have a lot of fun getting the boat and cleaning it up and doing what we knew to do, and we didn’t do what we didn’t know how to do.  The new owner is a Catalina 22 sailboat restoration project person, so he should do wonders to bringing it back to its original condition.

🟢 Cat:

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