Christmas Time at Creede Baptist Church in Colorado

Bristol Head Peak, Colorado

Wednesday night services at Creede Baptist Church were replaced this week with a community choral sing. This was the first of many to come in the future. It was a joint effort by the Community Church and the Baptist Church and the results were fantastic. The music was phenomenal and was performed by several different members of each church, as well as the congregation in attendance. This is a photo of an impromptu group of very talented folks performing and includes my mother standing third from the right.

Christmas Choir at Creede Baptist Church

Saturday, we went up into the mountains to cut our Christmas tree. Mom and David had scoped the trees out the day before and David found the perfect one.

Here are the guys with their conquest.

Once we cut the tree we had to trek back to the truck. Luckily it was down hill. Doesn’t it look cold? It was, very!

Mom and I decorated it with white lights and clear ornaments. It really looks pretty at night. We are putting red and white bows on it tonight. Looks a little bare underneath though, hmmm…..

The mountains here are so beautiful and so overpowering.  A house or person just blends into insignificance when looking at the size of these peaks.  The shot at the top of this post is of Bristol Head from the top of the other peak nearby at sunset.

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