Setting up for a New Phase

I spent most of the last week or so rearranging the trailer, installing shelves for the bead bins and preparing the front of the trailer for use as a sewing/craft area. Since we are no longer doing any shows, it was necessary to reorganize everything and set up for a new phase of the business aimed at mail order only.

Scott and I also finished trading office spaces this week and so far it is working out great. I am in the back of the bus now and can leave my stuff out without cluttering up the living room. David built Scott a new desk for the front of the bus and then started in on the entertainment center. I am thinking of starting a new blog with all the pictures and updates on the bus conversion from start to finish. Maybe…

Now that the sewing/craft space has been created in the trailer for me I can finally get those Christmas presents finished. I think we are going to stay here through new years so I will be mailing all the presents out. I better get busy, quick.

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