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A Mix of Sun and Rain So Time to Stop and Smell the Roses

They say you should stop and smell the roses. It has been so cold, wet, dark, and raining for the last few days that you couldn’t get outside and do anything, let alone smell a rose. It finally cleared up enough this afternoon to jump outside for a quick break, and today that makes this shot the photo of the day. I took the shot of the roses with my iPhone today, and in my ongoing battle to make the iPhone a viable photographic alternative to a big DSLR I am testing out some new apps (blog post review to come some time).

There is so much going on this week and my mind and heart are in basically three different places so this was a nice walk around the house break. My friend and marathon prayer partner lost his sister unexpectedly this week and today he is in Tennessee with his wife at the funeral. He has usually been on the other side, praying for myself and Deborah as she continues with her tests at UAB, but this week it changed.

This morning, going through my normal continuous reading of the bible, I just happen to be reading Paul’s words from 1 Corinthians 12:26 that says “if one member suffers, all suffer together; if one member is honored, all rejoice together”, and this is truly the case. As we get ready for the next round of tests at UAB on Friday (depending on whether UAB and BCBS can figure out how to talk to each other) I know he will be back on the other side praying for me once again, and that is such a comfort to me.

Dogwood Blooms Covering Spring in Auburn :: Photos

Dogwoods are finally blooming over at our house, must mean we have about 2 days left of Spring before the brutal summer heat shows up. Either way the Dogwood blooms this year have been incredible all over Auburn and the surrounding area. I took these particular shots this morning while there was still a little fog hanging around, which made for some nice soft colors.

Hope everyone is enjoying the Spring colors (at least if you are down in the south where it’s been warm). Even though every single year our Dogwood blooms right around this time the beauty always amazes me, kind of like watching a sunrise that only comes up once a year, at the end of March.

Purple Wisteria Blooms are Everywhere in Auburn :: Photos

I love Wisteria Blooms in the Spring. They grow like weeds down here in the south but we actually planted one a few years ago. It has grown into this huge vine that wants to eat the house, but right now, it is totally covered in beautiful purple blooms and smells incredible. Every year I take photos of this plant and every year the blooms are better and better but my photos end up all looking the same. This year I tried something totally different, shooting Wisteria blooms from the ground using the skylit sun as a background, creating some massive backlit conditions. I love the way they turned out and they aren’t your typical shoot the flower shot.

For a little contrast I posted some “normal” shots below as well but I love how the backlit conditions adds something totally different to this particular bloom, and today, it’s the photo of the day.

Southern Magnolia sieboldii Blooms in Early Spring

We have a tiny little Magnolia tree we planted about 3-4 years ago and all it does is bloom like crazy about this time of year. It never seems to grow or put out many leaves but the blooms are very pretty. It’s not the traditional Magnolia tree with the big waxy leaves, I’m pretty sure it is a Magnolia sieboldii tree but it really hasn’t grown much since we planted it, and today it is the photo of the day.

Early Spring Flower Blooms of Jasmine, Jonquil, and Daffodils

The photo of the day today comes from about 50 feet away from where I type this blog post.  You can’t really tell from the shot but these little guys are about the size of my thumb, and while we don’t have a huge supply of Daffodils at our place we have a bunch of little Jonquils. Normally I wouldn’t take shots of flowers blooming in direct sunlight but it made for some great bokeh in the background.

It’s just the very beginning of Spring here in Auburn (we have had March snowstorms before, see Rare March Snowstorm in Auburn 2009 and also Samford Hall and Auburn University in the Snow), one of the most beautiful times of the year.  Every year I look forward to these little guys coming up in the garden because no matter what cold temps are currently outside I know warmer weather is coming.

I know sometimes in this part of the country we look over the landscape, see nothing but green Pine trees that grow like weeds and think there are no other colors to be seen besides brown and green.  To me, seeing other colors is often a time issue.  Taking time to slow down enough to see the nuances that occur all around us.  It’s easy to see in the heart of Springtime, but even winter has some color around here.

Coming up next will be the beautiful purples of Wisteria and the Dogwood Trees.

Spring is Close, Cedar Pollen is in the Air

Yes, now I remember sneezing my head off last year now, it was when the Cedar trees started to put out all of that lovely pollen.  The photo of the day today is from a backyard photo-walk, which includes tons of Cedar trees out here.  All three of these photos were taken with my iPhone today while I was out walking through the backyard.  There are tiny little green buds on many of the trees and many other signs that Spring is almost here.

I love the changing of the seasons but there is just something about this time of year when God manifests His beauty in such a visible way that makes everything in creation scream out with color.

Blue Sky and Warmer Weather is Coming, and Spring?

Photo of the day today comes from my walk around the property yesterday. The sun is out, sky is blue, and it is so beautiful outside right now but Spring just isn’t quite here yet. I love these tall long needle pines. They don’t care what the season is, no matter if it’s freezing cold or 100*F in August, they stretch out their limbs dressed in green all year long.

Can’t wait to start seeing some leaves on the trees around here, Spring is one of the most beautiful times of the year in Auburn where the streets are lined with flowers. Both of these shots were taken with my iPhone and basically taken right off the phone with a little crop.

Pictorial History of a Tree in Year Long Time Lapse

Screen shot 2009-12-14 at 10.24.27 AM



Screen shot 2009-12-14 at 10.23.55 AM


Screen shot 2009-12-14 at 10.25.20 AM

Screen shot 2009-12-14 at 10.24.44 AM

Screen shot 2009-12-14 at 10.25.32 AM

Screen shot 2009-12-14 at 10.25.04 AM


This is not a true time lapse as we might think about today, but, a sequence of shots, taken over time, of the same subject. We have this great tree back behind our house and I usually take photos of it as the seasons change and I have been wanting to write one single post with all of the photos together to see how one single spot can change over time.  Below is where I sit in the summer and read, contemplate life, and view from the house in the winter and rain.  I love the warm open feeling it gives in Spring or Summer and the uninviting look of winter.  As the days count down for our departure to Virginia, this is one spot I am going to miss while we are gone.

The original posts that came from this photos can be found here:

Below is are some of the photos from the posts above.

Auburn Tigers Football A-Day Game Photos for 2009

This past Saturday we went to the annual A-Day game here in Auburn.  For those unfamiliar with what we (and Bama folks) call an A-Day game, it is when between 40,000-90,000 people come to their respective stadium to see their team play each other.  More like a glorified open Spring practice, but one because it is Auburn or Alabama football is made into an event.

We here in Auburn had about 45,000 people show up (Alabama who had their game televised on ESPN had about 90,000) this year.  It was good to see the new offense throw down the field and although you really needed a PhD to understand the scoring it was fun to watch.  Here are some photos from the day including one of Deb’s sunglasses (I also love the shot of the security guards in the upper deck, what a job).

A-day Game Auburn 2009

A-day Game Auburn 2009

A-day Game Auburn 2009

A-day Game Auburn 2009

A-day Game Auburn 2009

A-day Game Auburn 2009

A-day Game Auburn 2009

A-day Game Auburn 2009

Good Friday Tornadoes with Minor Tree Damage :: Friday Feet

Downed Tree

This Friday for Friday Feet the plan was to focus on the day at hand, Good Friday. We had a nice relaxing day at home on Friday in preparation for the Good Friday service and it ended up being one of the more memorable services that either Deborah or I have been to in years.  Just about half way into the service the tornado sirens started sounded.  The service was interrupted for about 30 minutes while we all hunkered down to one side of the worship area.

What made the service so memorable was how unscripted the whole evening was.  As we came back together and stared to focus on what makes this day special, the hail, thunder, and lightning started to come down in full force.  This was not a “traditional” service but the way it came together was so special.  I am thrilled to be a part of a church that is willing to interpret worship in many different ways.

On the way home it became apparent that the storm system that went through the area had made its way out to our property.  Tree after tree had been uprooted, snapped in half, and literally thrown all over the place.  The photo below at night was what we found as we drove in from the service.  A cedar tree topped and covering the road.  Once morning arrived we found about a 75 foot pine tree that was just blown over, making my Friday Feet image.

After surveying the damage out this way we found out that there were one and possibly two tornadoes that came through the property.  They were small, but had two visual sightings and see to skip around the houses for the most part.

Happy Easter to everyone.

Downed Tree

Downed Tree

Downed Tree